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The Key To A Happy Bedroom

Are you decorating your bedroom? Moving into a new home and need to buy blinds for you beautiful new Master Bedroom?

One of the most important questions I will ask any client looking to cover their windows in their bedroom is, "Do you want blackout blinds?" In any other room in the house light filtering blinds are the obvious choice but in a bedroom it can be a more complicated choice. For many clients this can be a very clear choice. If you are selecting blinds for yourself only, then it is easy. However, if more than one person is involved in the choice, the answer isn't always that clear.

If you or your spouse require total darkness in order to sleep you many need to choose the room darkening option. The big benefit to a room darkening shade is your bedroom will be dark like most hotel rooms. Sheer bliss when you are trying to sleep in. The down side to room darkening shades is the room will be dark all day long unless you put the blinds all the way up. If privacy isn't an issue then this is an option. However, if you neighbors can see you in your bedroom this may not really work.

Luckily there is a third option. There are several blinds that have the option that will give you the best of both worlds. The Duolite design option offers maximum light control by using two separate fabric panels of differing opacities in a single shade. The shades can be configured in a variety of open and closed positions providing numerous view-through and privacy options.

Duolite option shades come in several style choices. These are some of my favorite choices:

Designer Roller Shades

Designer Roller Duolite Shades boast the first-ever double-fabric combination of a light-filtering sheer and a room-darkening opaque liner in a single roller shade. Enjoy softly filtered light when you want it and privacy when you need it.


Experience soft illumination with Silhouette Duolite Shadings. Set the mood by diffusing harsh sunlight with a translucent Silhouette shading in the front and a room-darkening roller shade in the back. The result? Gorgeous views outwards, total privacy inwards.


Create visual interest and a perfect balance of light with our Vignette® Duolite system that features two shades on a single roller. The front shade is sheer or light filtering, while the back shade is opaque. Once the front shade is completely lowered, the opaque shade can be moved for varying levels of light control and privacy. The Vignette Duolite design option is available exclusively with PowerView® Motorization.

If you have any questions about these 3 options or how to choose the best blinds for your bedroom or home, feel free to reach out to me.

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