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Start with:

Complimentary Discovery Call

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The start of any design package starts with a complimentary phone consultation.  The call will typically last 15-30 minutes.  We will talk about your project and the goals you have for your space.  Whether you are decorating your whole house or just parts of it, I can help you determine the best next steps to take.  I offer design packages as well as hourly consulting and can explain which may be the best fit for you.  I work with all my clients to turn their spaces into the homes they dream about.

 Option 1:

Design solutions for the entire room or home.

After the consultation call, we can determine the level of design help that works best for you. Whether it is for a full design package or help with just parts of your project.  I work with clients in many different ways and we will find the one that is optimal for you. 

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 Option 2:

Design solutions for the specific parts of the project.

Some design projects only require help with smaller parts of the room.  These options let you get help with just the things you need most.  Feel free to reach out to me if you don’t see specifically what your looking for.

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