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4 Top White Exterior Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams-Extra White

Who doesn't like a beautiful white home? Timeless also. I'm sharing some of my favorite choices for exterior white paint colors.

White paint can be tricky. Paint in general can be hard to select just the best one. It really is a process. Here are a few tips to help you fine the perfect choice.

Tip 1: Start with 3 of your favorites. You really will not know how it will look until you have painted a few samples.

Tip 2: I would recommend painting some swatches on foam core so you can hold it up on different parts of the house and looking at it throughout the day to see what you think. Placing the samples next to each other will enable you to see the undertones more clearly from sample to sample.

Tip 3: What direction does your home face? If your home faces North, that lighting will magnify cool tones, so I would pick a softer white.

Benjamine Moore-Simply White

via Avenue B Development

Benjamine Moore-White Dove.

via Kroiss Development

Sherwin-Williams-Oyster White




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