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The Magic of EDesign

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

A virtual image of your den.
How will my sofa look in my new home?

Have you ever stood in a store looking at a sofa and wondered, "how would that look in my den?". It looks so good in the store but what would it look like in my house? Will it fit? I am working with a client who recently faced this dilemma. She had recently bought her first place and was so excited to begin to decorate and furnish it. She and her Mom went shopping and bought a beautiful sofa she loved. Well, she loved the new sofa until it was delivered. It overpowered the room and she felt it just didn't leave enough space for the rest of the furniture she would need. It is now listed on Craigslist. She was so disappointed and frustrated. It was at this point she reached out to me. She definitely didn't want to make the same mistake twice.

We begin the process with photos. What does the space look like? What do you want the space to look like? Not everyone know exactly what they really are aiming for. That is also why working with a designer can be so helpful. I use several different

ways to help my clients identify what style they really are. However, most people do have a really good idea of what style they are.

From their we move onto getting a proper floor plan done. Once the floor plan is done and we have an idea of what style direction we are going in I am able to place actual furniture you are interested into your floor plan. We can stop at this point or move forward with actual renderings of your space. You can see in a photo realistic image what the space could look like. We can add paint color, window treatments as well as accessories. E-design is such a great way to see what your new furniture will look like in your space. It will give you a virtual look at your new decor before you spend a penny on furnishings.

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