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3 Different Options-1 Bedroom

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I'm working with a client to decorate their new home. They had purchased the home recently and were scheduled to move into it on April 1. They had to get out of the rental they were in and move at the hight of the pandemic. The home was a planned for dream come true but the timing turned out to be anything but a dream. Keeping everyone safe and healthy was the number one priority and keeping focused on the big picture helped to keep perspective. They were able to work things out. With flexibility and patience they moved into their new home.

We had been working on the design details of several rooms. The room photo above is for their young son. They had the bed but needed the other elements for the rooms decor. They wanted to make their sons room one that he can grow with. We wanted to use youthful touches but not make it look to grown up. Using a striped Dash and Albert carpet became the focal point for the design. All the other room options flowed from this selection.

Painted nightstands became the perfect choice to keep the room looking playful without being too childish. The home has gray finished wood floors, so we opted for Benjamin Moores Mystical Blue on the walls. The fish prints tie the design together giving the room a coastal vibe.

The last element of the rooms decor is the bedding. We considered a few options before deciding on the white on white draperies and bedding. You can see below the other options we considered.

That is one of the great things about virtual design. As a designer I can see the options in my head but clients can't always do that. I didn't have to send a sample and have my clients imagine what the room would look like. Instead I send them renderings with the various changed room elements. In this case it was the bedding that we were looking at. You can see below how changing the bedding changed the rooms overall look. Which one do you like best?


Paint Color

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