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6 Tips For Decorating A Small Dining Room

When a house has a small dining room, decorating it can be a challenge. I was recently working with a client who had just such a situation. She had just purchased a new home that had a small room off the kitchen. This space had been part of an addition that had been added by the previous owners. They had used the space as a breakfast nook. The room faces the back of the house which has a beautiful view of their tree filled back yard. They really wanted the space to be a bit more formal so they could also use it to host small dinner parties. This posed a bit of a challenge since the space was only 11' x 11'. I followed a few design tricks to help them create a space that was warm and inviting that also helped to keep the space from feeling too small.

There are a few things you too should keep in mind when decorating a small dinning room. Of course you want to make your small dining room just as beautiful and welcoming as a large dinning room would be. I've put together some things to keep in mind when decorating your space.

Keep in mind:

1 There are two key factors that allow us to enhance the size of a room. The first one is paint color: use light colors on the walls. Colors like white, gray or beige tones are perfect for bringing more light to the room. You will add color through the rug, artwork and accessories.

2 The second key element in making the room look bigger is to use mirrors. These decorative objects will multiply the natural light coming through the windows and doors. Place one or two on the wall. Find modern designs, classic, simple, can choose whatever you like.

3 For furniture, it is best to choose light wood colors or even to use a glass table. This will open the space up more than if you used a darker wood color. Choose chairs that go with the table that do not have arms. Nothing that will overwhelm the space and distract from the overall look.

4 Another trick to make a small space seem larger is to choose window coverings that let as much light to come through as possible but still offers privacy. There are so many options and styles to choose from with blinds and window treatments, you are sure to find one that matches both needs.

5 Tidiness is critical in small spaces. It is very important that you keep things organized in a small room. If you want to display dishes and important possessions, a corner cabinet would be a perfect option. This will give you a place to keep things organized. Just select a style that works with your decor.

6 In small dining rooms, it is important to have good lighting. I recommend combining natural light with artificial lighting. Remember that the more light which enters the room, the more spacious it will feel.


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