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Where To Start When Choosing Blinds For Your Home?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Hunter Douglas blinds are the gold standard in custom blinds for your home. They have so many options and upgrades available for each blind. Where do you even begin to select the best product for your window? Selecting the look you like for your window covering is only one aspect of selecting the best treatment for your window and your room. The following in an overview of 3 of the top selling products Hunter Douglas offers.

Duette Architella Blinds-Hunter Douglas

Duette Honeycomb Shades

Duettes are the original honeycomb shade. This product is a top seller for so many reasons. These are some of its many great selling features.


-Insulation, insulation, insulation! Did I mention that this product insulates? There are no other blinds that will offer more energy efficiency. Within Duettes line are ranges of options that give you increasing amounts of protection against the elements. You can choose a single honeycomb or an insulated honeycomb, which are Architella blinds.

-This product is low profile. It stacks tight at the top to give you a clear view outside.

-Very clean lines. It does not overpower the decor. It will blend in to the room’s overall look. It can be made to stand out but in my experience this product is selected more often than not for it’s ability to add to the rooms aesthetic without taking it over.


-Sometime clients find the simplicity of this product just that, too simple.

Silhouette-Hunter Douglas


Silhouettes are one of my favorite blinds. They not only are functional but they are beautiful too. The sheer fabric and clean lines work equally well in a traditional space as it does in a more transitional one.

Silhouettes have a unique design. There are 2 sheer fabrics that hold vanes in the middle, which appear to be floating. This is what gives the product its beautiful clean lines.


-It is the only product when left in the down and open position that will block up to 88% of the suns UV rays (depending on the fabric selected). No other product can give you view through and protect your furnishings.

-While the blind is down and in the open position you have diffused sun light in your room and the ability to see outside.

-If you wish to have more sunlight or a clear view through your window, you can lift the shade all the way up. It will completely disappear into the head rail.

-I consider Silhouette blinds a finished look. It is true that you can add drapery panels over these blinds if you wish but it isn’t necessary. Since the blind is essentially a sheer fabric it stands on its own. With today's less-is-more styling this blind acts like a drapery.


-If you are looking for insulation for your room, Silhouettes are not the top choice. Anything you put on your window will improve its insulating ability but there are many better choices if insulation is part of your focus.

Parkland Wood Blinds-Hunter Douglas

Parkland Wood blinds

Wood blinds are always a popular option. Traditional styling make wood blinds complement the lines of any room. Fashioned to create a warm and inviting home, they're available in a variety of colors and three slat sizes. There are many reasons why wood blinds remain a popular option for many reasons.


-Light control. Since you can tilt the vanes up and down you can control the amount of light coming through at all times. Very few other products give you this much control over the light coming through.

-Budget friendly. These blinds are on the friendlier end of peoples budget. Hunter Douglas lifting systems are second to none in the industry. This means Hunters wood blinds will not need to be replaced as time goes by. No one has a nicer valance, either. It will also not fall off or look wonky over to.

-Architectural element: wood blinds add an additional wood element to your decor. Which ends up making the window covering a very finished look. You will not feel like you will need to add anything else to your window.


-Big stack: If you want to lift the blind up it will cover about 25% of your window. Wood blinds are not ideal if you have a beautiful view you do not want to obstruct.

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