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Want To See How The New Blinds Your ConsideringWill Look?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Custom blinds and window treatments can be an expensive investment. Wouldn't it be great if you could see what they will look like before you buy them? See what will work best in your home without making a financial commitment first? Now you can! I offer a service that allows you to "test" out different blinds, shutters and drapery on your windows before you purchase them.

We start with discussing your goals and style preference for your room or home. You then send me the measurements of you room and windows and the options. I then will make suggestions of what products will look best on your windows. You select your top 2 options and I will make a room rendering of your space and put your selections on the windows for you. This will give you a visual to helping you decide what you like the best. I can also give you an idea of the cost of each option. This takes so much of the guess work out of your purchase. Not everyone can visualize what their space will look like when decorating. Now you don't have to guess.

If you do not have an idea of the products you are interested in I can also help you decide what you are blinds, shutters or drapery will work best in your home. Just take a look at the project I was just working on for a client.

This is how the room started out. This clients has lived in her current home since her children where born. They are soon off to college and the room needed updating. We started with taking the drapery off the windows and giving the room a fresh coat of paint. She had heavy drapery, which was popular at the time she moved in. Now she wanted a clean updated look. In order to help her decide I sent her different options for blinds that I thought would best fit her budget and style goals. She selected 2 different options that she liked best. I then sent her 2 renderings of her room using those choices. I used Hunter Douglas blind in these rooms.

The above photo is the first option-2" wood blinds. She lives in a shore community and I thought it would be give a nod to the area that she lived in and her love of the beach. It is a good option for a transitional look. Can be a coastal or traditional in style. It is a finished look as well a budget friendly.

This is the second option-Providence Woven Woods. This product can be done so many ways. That includes different fabrics, wood tones, lined, unlined and you can have a valance or no valance. The above option is lined with no valance. It adds texture and interested to a room. This product is a mid priced option. The fabrics have price grades so it can be more budget friendly if needed. You just would need to stick to the lower end. Which is the direction this client took in selecting this fabric.

My client ended up selecting the second option-Providence Woven Woods. I also thought it was the perfect choice. Since this is the main living area in her home it did add a bit of formality without being too much.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


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