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Where to start when choosing a paint color?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Farrow and Ball You are renovating a room or updating a space. You look at your walls and think, “Where should I even begin picking a paint color!” There are so many options!! Not only do you have an endless amount of colors you also have many different brands of paint to choose from. All paint is not created equally. One of my favorites brands is Farrow and Ball. Their paint collection of 132 deeply pigmented colors is highly curated. This saves time and frustration selecting the best color options for your space. The rich blend of pigments in the paint give each color a unique rich look. Each color is created with up to 5 pigments. This gives the paints undertones a varying hue on the walls. As the sun changes the colors may appear to be slightly lighter or darker. However, the colors will always stay true to themselves. When choosing a Farrow and Ball paint color a great place to begin is to select from one of their neutral color groups. Each group will give you a timeless cohesive look. Each group contains four colors that work in harmony with each other. They are meant to be used in one of two ways-either together in your room(s) or as base for bolder shades and patterns.

  1. Start by selecting which group reflects the look you are going for.

2. Consider the light in your room. Remember that natural and artificial light will work together during certain times of day, especially in summer when dusk lasts a long time. Turn on artificial lights even during daylight to see what your colors will look like. 3. Consider the style of your home? If you have a traditional home opt for softer traditional, Yellow Based and Red Based Neutrals. For a contemporary finish, try the subtle grey grey tones of the Contemporary, Easy and Architectural Neutrals. Each room will have woodwork, ceiling, floor and doors. The beginning of your decor will start with the walls but any rooms overall color scheme must take the whole rooms look into account.

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