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Bored of Gray?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Gray still remains a very popular choice in home decor. It looks clean and modern; However, you don't have to have your whole house in shades of gray. There is a trend now to add more vibrant colors to your homes decor. Not everyone wants a neutral palette. Explore some ideas to add some color to your homes decor.

Walls of color

Say goodbye to gray and embrace the bold color trend by adding walls with hues that make a statement. The trick avoiding mistakes is to not select colors so loud that it takes over the room. Bold doesn't necessarily mean bright, so look for muted variations of the shades you prefer.

Another option for implementing vibrant wall color: stick to smaller rooms, where the bold look is less likely to be overwhelming.

Bold furnishings An often overlooked but essential component of design is the furniture. Creating a colorful, inviting room doesn't stop with the walls and floors; what's in the room can bring the colors to life. Think of the space and all its contents, not just the architectural components, as your canvas for creating the space you envision. If you're hesitant to invest in a pricey couch in a trendy hue, a compromise might come in the form of a richly colored accent table or chair.

Fabric with flair Textiles provide nearly unlimited options to balance a bold design. Using lighter fabrics for elements such as draperies, upholstery, rugs and decorative pillows can soften the feel of a room with bold tones. Look for subtle patterns that pull in hints of the deeper hue to bring the look together, or simply coordinate shades from complementary color families.

Need help with color selection? Feel free to reach out to ask me about your home.

Pink walls add a cheerful feeling to any room!



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