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Surprising Home Improvement Project with A Big Return On Investment

Everyone know that kitchens and bathrooms always are good investments into your home value. You never can go wrong with putting your time and money into those 2 well used spaces. However, I bet you didn't know that changing your garage door should be your #1 fix if your looking for your top return on investment. Yes, that is correct! Your garage door. You may have never even thought about putting your garage door on the list. Softening housing markets make it important to give your home the maximum curb appeal it can have. Turns out this a garage door can have a big impact. This home improvement project can yield you a 97.5% ROI! Not bad!

Three options you may want to consider



Aluminum door are very popular now. They will give your home a more modern look. Obviously this look must work with the rest of your house to make it really work. This style is definitely more unique but also a very study choice.


Wood is sturdy, versatile, and classic (and yes, even faux wood works). This is a classic look for sure but can be customized in so many ways. You can paint it a bolder color or even use a high gloss paint to give it a modern look. It will be endlessly customizable.

Carriage Style

If your home lends itself to this style door it will add a ton of curb appeal. They have a French door look but work like typical garage doors-rolling up. This is more of a look that would work on a cottage style home or victorian.

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