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Shutter Motion

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I really like the way shutters look in a home. They have such clean lines and make any space look that much more finished. You can add drapery to them but they really stand on their own 100%. They work equally well in a living room as they do in a bathroom. How do you make one of my favorite products even better? You motorize them!

I was recently at a trade show and got to see motorized shutters in action. I had known that Hunter Douglas recently had automated their shutters but was frankly skeptical about it. That was until I saw them in action. People typically order shutters so that the top and bottom of the shutter works independently. This way you can have privacy on the bottom and light control on the top. However, that means you have to go around and tilt 2 sets of the louvers on each shutter. Since most people order many shutters in their home this can end up being a lot of tilting. Admittedly, this probably isn't the most taxing problem anyone has; however, don't we all like to make our lives easier? Motorized shutters will not only look great they can now make life just that a bit simpler. The following is some of the features of Hunter Douglas Powerview shutters.

Smart Home Motorized Shutters


Palm Beach shutters with PowerView® Motorization respond to your voice commands thanks to easy integration with other popular smart-home systems.* So, just give the word, and the louvers respond by tilting to your desired level of light and privacy.


Schedule your shutters to move individually or in any combination at certain times during the day. You can even create personalized shade-setting scenes within a room or throughout your entire home.*


Automatic scheduling affords more than hands free convenience. Program louvers to adjust according to the sun's daily patterns to help reduce solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.


Practical function is built into every shutter. You can adjust louvers by hand without flipping a switch or damaging the motor. Plus, you can easily adjust louver sections across two standard-hinged panels in unison via a single motor.

*PowerView App and PowerView Hub required third-party equipment also required for voice activation.

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