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How Much Should I Budget For Custom Blinds?

When determining what kind of window covering to put on your windows, your choice will vary based on which room it is in and your goals for each room.  Some rooms require more of a utilitarian solution, where you want privacy, insulation and function.  In other rooms, you want the window coverings to be more a part of the room's decor.  You want them to make more of a statement. You will naturally be drawn to different types and styles of blinds and you will surly want to take into account. You will also want to consider if you want drapery and blinds together or just one or the other.

The Importance of Quality

First, you should know to prioritize quality over quantity. It’s not worth buying window treatments if you are going to need to replace them in a year or two. Instead, it’s better to make an informed decision based on your prioritized needs.


  • Durability. For the most part, investing in higher-quality window treatments means you’ll spend more money—but it also means those products will be more durable. You might pay $1,500 for a selection of treatments with the potential to last 20 years, or $500 for treatments that will only last 5. In the long run, the $1,500 options will save you money.

  • Aesthetics. Window treatment styles will be trendy for long periods of time. It is usually the fabric in the drapery that you will feel over time goes out of style. It is the blinds underneath the fabric treatment that could last as long as you live in the house-longer even. I always recommend that the fabric you choose for the blinds be more neutral in color. So no matter what color you paint the walls or which drapery you choose in the future you will never have to change the blinds again. Good quality blinds will last that long.

  • Lifting System. You should also consider what lifting system you will want. Are the blinds hard to reach to lift, are there children or pets to consider, to name a few things to consider. There are several top lifting system choices you have. Cordless and motorized blinds are the two top lifting systems. Both of these are advanced features that will add to the cost.

Whole Home

Many times people will purchase blinds for the whole house when they are building a new home or if they are renovating. If you are in that situation one of the most popular routs to take is to spend more money on living rooms and master bedrooms and bathrooms, then using blinds with less bells and whistles in kids rooms and playrooms. This way you can get good custom blinds in the whole house without braking your budget.

Basic Costs

So far, we’ve only discussed qualitative considerations to keep in mind when setting a budget for blinds. So what about the actual costs? What should you expect here?

The national average for new window treatments is $463 per window, with the typical range between $100 and $850.

  • Curtains and drapes. Costs here vary dramatically because the major variable in the price of drapery is the fabric you use. However, generally I would put the cost of roman blinds starting at $500 window. Drapery panels with rods will start at $1,500 and up. These are very general prices but a good guide.

  • Custom blinds. You have so many options with custom blinds that effect the price. Once you have selected the blind you like then you have to add in any upgrades you would like. Some of those options include cordless lifting system, top down/bottom up, and motorization. You can expect to pay around $100 per window for the most basic custom blind and about $650 a blind for a premium blind. Obviously these are just average cost for a standard size window.

  • Shutters. Shutters must be custom measured and installed, just like custom blinds. Depending on the materials you choose, the average cost will start at $500 per shutter.


Most window treatments will need to be professionally installed. This will usually be quoted to you at the time you get the price of the blinds. You will need to budget around $40 per blind for installation. Shutters and drapery are priced differently. Always ask for the installation cost when getting any price quotes for blinds, shutter and drapery.


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