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Empty Nest=New Decor

You have just dropped your youngest child off at college. You sit down in your living room to have a cup of tea (or a Tito's on ice) and look up and realize you decorated your house when said child was first off to kindergarten! It's time for a fresh start! Why should our kids have all the fun??

This is such an ideal time to freshen up your interior or even do a more substantial renovation. That is of course if you have 1 drop of money left over after paying the tuition! We are often so focused on working and raising our children our homes decor will often take a back seat. Plus you often have decorated it once already and thought that's that! Done. Yet, time goes by, your lovely chinz drapery with the beautiful floral pattern starts to make you feel like you live in your grandmothers house. Maybe you are drinking your Tito's on the rocks watching Million Dollar listing and thinking "Ya, know, maybe I do like this modern thing".

You now have determined the chintz must go and you need to incorporate some chrome into your decor. Where to start? This is a common question my clients often ask me. The answer can be as varied as the amount of gray paint colors there are.

The answer is one room at a time! It is best to first determine how much you can spend and what will give you the most bang for your buck. Bathrooms and kitchens are always a sound investment. Especially if you are planning to sell your home in the not so distant future. If you are thinking about doing more of a refresh of your interior decor it's really the same starting point. One room at a time.

Start with an inspiration room or inspiration home. Go on Houzz, HGTV's web sight or Instagram for ideas. This lets you begin the process. You don't have to do an entire room all at once either. You can start with painting, then changing out your furniture then updating your accessories.

No matter where you start or how much you do the distraction will be a positive and very welcome one. A word of caution - it's probably best not to start with your college freshman's old bedroom!

Will you be facing an empty nest soon?

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