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Custom Blinds In 4 Simple Steps

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

These past few months have been quite a challenge, to say the least. The way we live our lives and work has changed for most of us. The design business is no different. The industry has been moving more and more towards virtual design. I have been embracing this new direction for some time. Being able to recreate my clients rooms and see how different colors and furniture items look before they make a purchase, is a game changer. What could be better when redecorating, then being able to see the items you are planning to buy in your actual space?

I have always been drawn to the window coverings part of any design job and consequently over time have developed a specialty and expertise. Selling custom window treatments traditionally has been a very hands on experience. I would go into a person's home to see their space and windows. We would talk about what needs the windows create in the room and what they are hoping to accomplish with the blinds. I then am able to evaluate what products and options will work best, including the price point.

In March everything changed with the way I had to work. I had been using virtual design already with my clients but not with their windows. I had to pivot and figure out how to continue working with my clients or wait until I was able to go back to their homes. This got me thinking. Why not do the same thing for blinds, shutters and window treatments that I had been doing with paint, carpets and furniture?

Ultimately this is just what I did. Using the same basic method I had been using with my EDesign clients, I used the following 4 simple step:

  1. Determined what their needs were for the windows in the room as well as the styles they were drawn to.

  2. Then I sent them photos of similar rooms with their top blind choices-including general pricing. I work with all the top companies that sell blinds so I am able to determine what brand will best fit their needs and budget.

  3. I then created a rendering of the room with each of their top 2 blind selections. It can be very hard to visualize what these products will look like in the room and this eliminates any second guessing.

  4. Once they decide on the blind they like the best, I send them pricing and options of where to purchase locally.

This has worked so well this past 6 months, I have begun to offer this service to all my virtual clients. The Virtual Window Covering Consultation service is now available to everyone, even if you are not in my geographical area. Being able to have a consultation to sort through all the details of what will make your custom blinds a success, makes purchasing this often complicated product as easy as 4 simple steps.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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