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Custom blinds and shutters can be an investment of time and money. My specialty is  window coverings.  There are so many options and features to consider when purchasing blinds, it can be very overwhelming.   This can often lead to costly mistakes being made or purchaing the wrong blinds and options for your windows.  Additionally if you want to automate your blinds the process will get even more complex.


I have over 25 years experience with consulting on window treatments- blinds and shutters. I have worked with homeowners in every scenario from consulting on a single bathroom to an entire homes.   Let the broad range of my experience work for you.  No matter your price point I will work with you to determine the very best options for your windows.  I can work with you on 1 room or the entire house.  


Put my vast knowledge with window coverings to work for you in two ways.  First, I can help you narrow down the many options you have to select from and evaluate what is the best choice for your space at the price point you wish to stick to.  I will sendy you fabric samples,  arrange for  your windows to be professionally measured and then installed.


I am certified by Hunter Douglas but sell all top window covering brands.


Relax and enjoy the process with these 5 Easy Steps:


1- You will receive a questionnaire to fill out about your windows and design preferances.


2- Take pictures of your room and windows; email them to me.


3-After I review your questionnaire and see your room photos, I will send you a follow-up email. I will present 3 design suggestions including photo examples of the design ideas! We'll review the designs and narrow down your options. This can be by zoom, phone or email.


4-Next, fabric samples will be sent to your home and I'll arrange for your windows to be professionally measured.


5- Your new window coverings are ordered and professionally installed.


These 5 Easy Steps will help you enjoy styling your home while making the decision process virtually effortless!


Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me.



Window Coverings-Complementary Consultation